birds playing darts ?

FWQ27 book

This is the image of block #27 – Darting Birds – in the FW 1920 Sampler quilt book.

FWQ27 papers

And these are the paper pieces, which caused me a headache before I understood how they were meant to be placed. (Now that I’ve finished the block I see that they needed to be turned 45o)

FWQ27 in process 3

After I made the different parts of block #27, I puzzled to put them in the right order again.

FWQ27 in process 2

It’s funny to see that the purple fabrics look so different in the pictures!

FWQ27 Darting Birds

Phew, this looks more like it! Setting the block on point gives yet another look!

I’ve never seen birds playing darts, but I suppose the block name means something different!?

The cd in the FW 1920 Sampler quilt book doesn’t contain the paper piecing templates. Some years ago, I became a member of a Yahoo group and I was able to download a file with the PP templates, but they don’t contain a sketch of how to put the block parts together. The files aren’t accessable anymore, so I’m glad I have a download.

The CD in the FW 1930’s Sampler quilt book is so much better. It has clear PP templates and a sketch to refer to for the placement of the block parts.


W.I.P.’s revisited #2

The Antique Sampler quilt (pattern by Sue Daley)

Antique Sampler top

Antique Sampler top MrDC

The flimsy state.

Antique Sampler being unpicked 2

I managed to pin baste the quilt ages ago. I chose a blue-grey Japanese fabric for the backing and a woolen batting. To secure the three layers a bit better before I started hand quilting and to be able to take out all the basting pins, I first machine quilted in the ditches. I ended up with what looked like a duvet. It was all fluffy and puffy and wasn’t what I liked at all. I also realized that the creme Yli thread I wanted to work with for the hand quilting would be visible on the back. I obviously had chosen a wrong colour for the backing of the quilt too :-(

Being disappointed the quilt sandwich ended on a pile of other to be finished quilty stuff.

Antique Sampler being unpicked 3

Some days ago, after I talked about it with a friend, I decided it wasn’t going to be better, unless I started unpicking all the quilted stitches.

Antique Sampler being unpicked 4

It took quite some hours, but I’m so happy it’s done now!

I need to find a new backing fabric! I already have a lovely bamboo/silk/cotton batting waiting, which I bought during Quiltmarket, back in April.

Wish me luck!


playtime with the kitties

jellycat quilt

I don’t think I’ve ever made a quilt from start to finish in a few weeks time. Making the complete background during a workshop at my LQS, surely helped.

Jellycat dadJellycat kitten stretch
Jellycat Mum+kitten

At home I fused the cat silhouette shapes with (vilene) vliesofix (bondaweb) and machine appliquéd them with a blanket stitch. I quilted straight lines at 1/8″ of the seam allowances of all the fabric strips, but only on one side. It’s quilted with the Wonderfil thread that I talked about in my Destination Moon quilt post.

jellycat quilt back

As I had made my own kind of balipop (jellyroll), I had a few more strips to make the quilt-top from. When I came home with the finished top, I chopped of a part, because is was too squarish and used that part in the backing together with some blue/purple pieces.

I’ve made a real dent in my stash of batik fabrics but I’ve found two more quilts-to-be in storage boxes. I need to think of a plan to finish those too!

Enjoy your weekend!



Farmer’s Wife – the serial

It felt a bit awkward to start a new Farmers Wife quilt, as I still had 24 finished blocks laying in a box for the Farmer’s Wife 1920 quilt (let’s call it #1 from now on?1). I told you that I will wait to make more blocks for the FW 1930’s quilt untill the club at my LQS starts.

As there is a conversation going on about the #1 and the #2 quilt, I looked for the blocks I had made for #1. Maybe you remember having seen them, they are made with Denyse Schmidt fabrics and shot cottons. It wouldn’t hurt to make some more, would it? Why not try some techniques to find out what I like best.

FWQ12 Broken Sugar Dishes 2
Block #12 – Broken Sugar Dishes, made using the Marti Michell templates. It came out at a really scant 6,5″ which means I need to adjust the 1/4″ seam allowance on my sewing machine.

FWQ13 Buckweat 2
Block #13 – Buckwheat, paper pieced. I love this technique, but dislike removing the paper :-(

FWQ17 Cat and Mice
Block #17 – Cat and Mice, paper pieced, which became a small disaster. I should have looked better at the block parts and I should have paper pieced the parts in a different order. I was now left with 4 parts and a lonely center square. I stitched it to the block by hand, which makes it look a bit wonky, well… it IS wonky!

FWQ18 Century of Progress 3
Block #18 – Century of Progress, paper pieced.

FWQ19 Checkerboard
Block #19 – Checkerboard, paper pieced. Love this block!

FWQ21 Contrary Wife
Block #21 – Contrary Wife, pieced by machine, using the Marti Michell templates. This time everything went fine!

Adding the 6 blocks to the 24 I already made, feels good and looks good! It would be a shame to not finish this quilt, don’t you think?



Fall is approaching

Our little city garden always looks a bid sad towards Fall.

herfst tuin 3

The Alchemilla is overblown; this Summer the oxalis started blossoming.

herfst tuin 4

Liriope muscari

herfst tuin 6

I love the look of the overblown Clematis.

herfst tuin 7

Different types of Clematis and Hydrangea are tangled.

herfst tuin 8

Changing colours in the Hydrangea.

herfst tuin 9

Some lonely purple Daisies.

herfst tuin 10

There’s one little pansy popping up in an empty pot.

zon door bomen

The leaves of the Plane tree start colouring.

I love Fall, but our little city garden looks more lovely during Springtime, when everything starts blooming. It’s a matter of time, before it all starts over again, the circle of the seasons!


ground control to Major Tom !

Destination moon quilt

The Destination Moon quilt is (finally) finished! It was made inspired by a free pattern from Cloud9 fabrics with blocks made by the members of the Comfort Circle of the do. Good Stitches Bee.

Desination Moon back

My favourite fabric for charity quilt backings.

Destination Moon binding

The binding was made from the dark blue background fabric that I used in the quilt top and I added some little pieces of colour.

Destination Moon detail

I quilted diagonal lines with a dark blue variegated thread.

Wonderful Tutti col. TU24

I used another brand, i.e. Wonderfil, Egyptian cotton, Tutti col. TU24, 50wt. I normally always use Aurifil 40 wt or thicker, but this thread worked miracles for me!

I honestly postponed the finishing and quilting part of lots of my quilts lately, because  I had some mishaps with my Janome Horizon 8900. It was practising the Hop-Skip-Jump for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games! But not with this thread, not one hop, not one skip and not one jump!

I want to thank all my Comfort Circle ‘chumms’ for making fabulous blocks for this quilt!

Happy weekend!


Farmer’s Wife – the continuing stories

Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler quilt book

You probably heard about the Famer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler quilt by now. The book by Laurie Aaron Hird looks appealing, not in the least because of the charming colours of the 1930’s fabrics that are used. There are 99 new blocks and stories in the book, so I ordered it.


My Dear Jane quilt was made of 1930’s fabrics. I still have a box left filled with scraps, fait eights and fat quarters. I tossed with the idea to sell the fabrics, but luckily I didn’t.

FW1930 Addie (1)kopie

I wasn’t sure I would love to make another 1930’s Sampler quilt. What better way to find out, than by making a block from the new book using 1930’s fabrics and some Kona or Moda Bella solids? Hmmm, I kind of liked it, but to be sure I made a second one…

FW1930 Aimee (2)kopie

I love this block, though I made a mistake, but I don’t mind.

FW1930 Aunt (8)kopie

It didn’t take long before the third block was finished!

FW1930 Ava (10)kopie

And the fourth, with green!

FW1930 Becky (12)kopie

And the fifth… It’s wonderful to see that the fabrics work so differently together than in my Dear Jane quilt.

FW1930 Belle (13)kopie

… a sixth…

FW1930 Betty (14)kopie

and a seventh…

FW1930 Bonnie (16)kopie

an eighth…

FW1930 Charlotte (23)kopie

and the ninth and final one! The solid shapes remind me of Japanese origami!

It looks like I have found another quilt to work on! I even subscribed to a Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Quilt Sampler club at my LQS. It will be fun to be part of a real life quilt-along! The club will start at the end of October and we will meet once a month to work on the blocks and to admire each other’s quilt progress!

As I’ve already made nine blocks now, so I will wait to make more until the club starts!









To be continued!


Boy’s nonsense

Boy’s Nonsense quilt finished 2

My Boy’s Nonsense quilt is finished! (in the picture it still isn’t.. as you can see there are Wonderclips on the left and the binding at the top of the quilt needs to be stitched down.

But meanwhile it is finished…

Normally I get easily bored when I have to make the same quilt block over and over again. However, selecting the right fabrics and colours for each of these blocks made it a wonderful quilt to work on. The idea was to use muted colours, so you won’t find any orange in this quilt, or any other real bright colour.

Boy’s Nonsense quilt detail

In the last 14 blocks, I used Aboriginal Dot fabrics for the center squares. That’s why I chose an all-over Gecko quilting pattern. It was quilted by Leslie from NorthSeaQuilters.

Boy’s Nonsense quilt back

I used one SMÅBORRE fabric from IKEA for the backing and a Lucie Summers Summersville fabric for the binding.

You can read more about the quilt block pattern, measurements etc. in the first post I wrote about this quilt here.

I have a little issue with WordPress. Normally I receive all comments on blog posts in my e-mail inbox, but lately I have to check my blog’s dashboard, to see if there are comments. This makes it harder to reply. So, please, bear with me!


Amy Butler Mod Pop quilt – a finish

Amy Butler Mod Pop quilt finished 2

Drumroll please, the Amy Butler Mod Pop quilt is finished!

I used over 200 charm squares of seven different Amy Butler series (Love, Soul Blossoms, Lark, Violette, Hapi, Cameo and Glow).

Amy butler Mod Pop quilt detail

It is also (long arm) quilted by Leslie from NorthSeaQuilters. We chose an all over paisley pattern.

Amy Butler Mod Pop quilt back

The backing…


which is made of Cross Roads in Marine from the Glow series and the binding is called Camel Blanket in Blush from the Hapi series.

I want to thank Leanne again for hosting the Mod Pop Quilt-Along and Julie from Distant Pickles for the quilt design and the templates which made cutting the fabrics a lot easier. And last but not least Amy Butler for her fabulous fabrics!

I have more finishes to show!


P.S. Linking up with Finish-It-Up-Friday over at AmandaJeans’s Crazymomquilts.


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