a Summer break

Hi there, I’m still around, in case you were wondering  😉

I have been and I still am enjoying some Summer classes at my LQS.

I’m paddling through some clearing and cleaning projects in the house and stitching away the time in between.

Happy Days BOM block 5

Working on block 5, Month 6 of the Happy Days BOM by Sarah Fielke

Instead of puzzling my head off what to blog about, I decided to stay away a bit longer. I will be back on the 1st of September to show you what kept me busy!

Enjoy your Summer wherever you are!



behind the scenes

I’m still here, working on some projects, but more important, clearing out the first floor of our house, before some major renovation will start in the Fall.

RFLQ squares block 1

181 Squares and 40 triangles for one of the four patched blocks for the Birds and the Bees quilt (aka the Rowdy Flat Library quilt). I’m slowly sewing the rows together!

RFLQ block 2 prep

Preparing the flowers for the corners of block #2, called the Beekeeper.

RFLQ blurry sneak peek of Queen Bee

A blurry sneak peek of the Queen Bee of the Beekeeper block.

And now for something completely different:


#quiltsforpulse – The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is collecting quilts and blocks for the victims of the shooting at Pulse nightclub on June 12. MQG members around the world are invited to participate. The goal is to gather enough quilts to help not only the victims who survived, but the families of victims who perished, as well as first responders, nurses, police officers, etc.


I’m a member of the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild, and although we’re in the process of a second start, Rianne – @rianne_knitsandquilts on IG – asked for blocks for at least one quilt to send to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. The hearts will have all colours of the rainbow. I made six blocks in yellow and orange.

There’s progress on my Stonefields as well as on the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s quilt blocks, which are actually almost transformed into a quilt-top! More about these projects later!

So, it may seem a bit quiet here on the blog, but behind the scenes there’s a lot of activity! 😉


Happy Days BOM – Month 5

HDBOM Dresden block

A rainbow Dresden block with colorful Japanese text fabrics.

SFBOM star 15 SFBOM ster 13 SFBOM ster 14 SFBOM ster 16 SFBOM ster 17 SFBOM ster 18

Six more stars made of Cotton & Steel fabrics (only six left to make).

SFBOM Garland block

And a Garland block. Background fabric from Zen Chic, the flowers and leaves are mostly Alison Glass fabrics and some Cotton & Steel.

Would you believe I’ve made a schedule to keep track of the quilts and blocks I’m working on and to avoid me from getting sidetracked. It works, but I still can’t resist to start new projects!

I don’t exegerate when I say that quilt making has taking over my day-time job! I am unofficially retired since I closed my graphic design studio last year. No clients, no orders, no work, no income. With the new pension laws and rules I’ll have to wait untill November 2017 before I receive my old-age pension😉 I’m happy with my personal sponsor, AKA Mr. DC!




throwback Thursday

It took me a fortnight to celebrate my ninth blogging anniversary  😉

I’m back, refreshed, I cleared away the cobwebs in my head and took some decisions that needed to be made. It feels good, time for new adventures!

Trowback Thursday is a trend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram wherein users post or repost older photographs with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT.

After nine years of blogging I thought it would be fun to have a throwback Thursday here as well and show one or more photo’s of things I’ve made or done over the past nine years.

Free Bee 3 blocks 4

Like these three blocks I made as a member of the Free Bee. The blocks were made in June 2012 for John Adams. They are inspired by Erin Wilson’s work and made from shot cottons. I love them. I seldom wish I had kept blocks for myself, but that’s the case with these three 10,5″ blocks. I should immediately have made some to keep!

Here’s a link to the original post from June 12th, 2012.



last month my blog turned 9

And all of a sudden we’re landed in the month of June. I realised I forgot to share that my blog turned 9 in the first week of May.

Wow, if I may say so myself!

I always tried to stay true to myself, by doing my own thing and not becoming a pale version of someone else. Blogging has brought me a lot, I met like-minded people, learned the quilt making craft from quilters like Amandajean (crazymomquilts) and Anina (thatquilt). All this happening before I discovered our local quiltshop where I would take part in so many classes and workshops afterwards.

I’ve never been very open about my private life, and I don’t intend to change that in any way. Don’t get me wrong, my life has not always been a rose garden, I’ve had my fair share of misery, but I always try to remember the good things happening in my life. I want this place to be a happy and positive one.

A lot has changed in blog land. To find inspiration for blog posts is getting harder and harder. It often feels like I’m only showing progress on projects without having something to talk about. Back in 2007, when I started my first blog (devliegendekoe), blogging was more friendly, less demanding, less competitive. Give-aways were about a lovely pincushion or some sweet fabrics. I swapped to my hearts’ desire and it was always kind and without any intention to show off. I received the loveliest gifts in swaps or just for fun. I’ve made gifts for others and for family members. I became a member of Flickr, discovered groups, made quilts and blocks for charity causes. I started a European Circle for the do. Good Stitches Bee, learned about new quilting techniques, was introduced to modern quilt designers, to amazing quilt fabrics, quilt-alongs etc. Quilt making has changed my life, it’s not just a hobby anymore.

I’m striving for another year of blogging, so I can look back on 10 years, a milestone! I know you will be there to read my posts and to encourage me! A big thank you to all my blogging friends and followers (and lurkers…) who have followed me for many years. Without you blogging is way less fun!

stonefields 2 blokken

Inspired by @marvanzij’s photo’s of Stonefields quilt blocks on Instagram, I started working on the blocks for my Stonefields quilt again (pattern by Susan Smith). I don’t intend to make the quilt like the original big one with 121 6″ blocks and borders filled with flying geese and hexagons. I will choose the blocks I love most and will take it from there. You know I always love to have a personal twist in the quilts I make.

Stonefields 4 blokken 2

I made ten 6″ blocks, all hand stitched and hand appliquéd.

Stonefields 4 blokken

It’s my next project for the UFO club at my LQS and I’m happy to be working on this quilt again, using my stash of pastel coloured fabrics.

I’ve also prepared the next ten blocks and I’m stitching away the hours, while watching the Roland Garros Grand Slam tournament (when it’s not raining like the past two days…).


Happy Days BOM – with Mr BlueBird

Months 3 and 4 of the Sarah Fielke Happy Days BOM involved a lot of appliqué again and even some from the Hawaiian kind. I’m enjoying working on this quilt so much. Needle turn appliqué has become my #1 favourite quilt making technique.

Happy Day Bom all eights wreath blocks

I finished all 8 vine blocks for the quilt. They measure 6″ x 12″ finished.

SFBOM Bird block

Mr Birdie, a 12″ block with fabrics from Merel’s shop Birdblocks and some Allison Glass and Cotton and Steel by designer stuff. The background fabric is from Carolyn Friedlander, from the series Architextures, you can’t have enough of that in stock!

SFBOM block hearts and tulips

A 12″ hearts and tulips block. Fabrics from Cotton and Steel (the match sticks and the tulip one, all others are from Alison Glass Sunprints series.

SFBOM teacup block

For this block I didn’t choose a text fabric for the background but this fun print. It”s called the teacup block. Again fabrics from Cotton&Steel, Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis and the flowers are from Zen Chic and Alison Glass Sunprints. There’s a sloth hidden in this block 😉

Hawaii again

A Hawaiian appliqué block, all needle turn and reverse appliqué.

SFBOM month 4 block 3

Block 13, a straight forward machine pieced 12″ block with a sloth.

Tuesday I will receive the instructions for Month 5. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Happy weekend!








a Farmer’s Wife’s day out in the country

We’re having a picnic! I invited April, Augusta, Carol, Carolina, Crystal, Dinah, The Farmer’s Wife herself, Nellie, Tracy and Viola.

They all wanted a colour theme for their picnic outfit, so we first went to shop for fabrics (in my own stash – of course) and they all picked a favourite one! Then we went to the sewing area of yours truly’s house and the sewing machine hummed for days in a row to have their outfits ready!

FW1930 6 April

April combined a sweet flower fabric with some more bold solids. The pieces for April’s outfit are all rotary-cut and machine pieced.

FW1930 7 Augusta

Augusta preferred her outfit to be paper pieced, as she didn’t want any mistakes made…

FW1930 18 Carol

Carol insisted to make her own outfit and used the paper piecing technique.

FW1930 19 Carolina

Carolina’s outfit was rather complicated. We made paper templates to cut the fabric pieces with and pieced it all on the sewing machine.

FW1930 25 Crystal

With Crystal’s outfit we chose the same technique, paper templates and machine piecing.

FW1930 27 Dinah

Dinah wanted a red, white and blue theme and paper pieced it all.

FW1930 33 Farmer’s Wife

The Farmer’s Wife was inspired by Crystal’s choice and also went for red, white and blue, but she picked a flowery fabric.

FW1930 77 Nellie

Nellie is a very down to earth person, she loves to wear dark and no-nonsense colours, but the other girls convinced her to try some pink, which gave her a more feminine look. All the parts of the outfit were rotary cut and machine pieced.

FW1930 97 Tracy

Tracy adjusted the pattern of her outfit a bit, as there were unnecessary complicated parts. She used the paper piecing technique.

FW1930 98 Viola

And last but not least, Viola’s outfit in cheerful colours. All rotary cut and machine pieced.

We had to cancel the picnic due to the weather, but are waiting for a sunny day in the country!


It feels like this month’s ‘homework’ for the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s quilt club was the hardest untill now. I’ve finished 72 blocks and already received the numbers of the next 10 blocks we have to make. I want to make a quilt-top with 83 blocks, so it’s time to decide which blocks I’m not too happy about and which ones I still want to make.




a final green tea post…

GTQB finished for IG

The Green Tea and Sweet (chocolate) Beans quilt was gathered from the longarm quilter a while ago. Leslie (NorthSeaQuilters) stitched around all the shapes and in the ditches. She also made a digital  pattern of the flower border, which she used in the hexagon block and in the corners of the borders. I love the minimalist custom quilting. It is a lot of work for the quilter though!


I hadn’t decided on the binding yet. The colours I had in mind didn’t work. The fabric I had in mind wasn’t available in any (online) quilt shop anymore. What’s a girl gotta do? In the end I chose a black fabric with a little white dot.

The Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt is 72″ x 76″. Pattern by Jennifer Kingwell. The quilt was started in May 2013 and it was stitched by hand for the bigger part (hand appliqué, piecing). I also used paper piecing and EPP. The backing is a 1930’s print. I used a gazillion little pieces of fabric, some received in swaps, some collected from scrap basket sales in quilt shops and of course, ‘some’ from my own stash. The border fabric is a black and white dot. The batting is a poly/cotton blend (20/80). It was quilted by Leslie from North Sea Quilters in Leiden, The Netherlands.

It is my second (real) finish for the UFO Club at my LQS. It works to take part in the club, it really does!



Happy Kingsday !

RFLQ blok 2 voorbereiden 4

Today we celebrate Kingsday. A very appropriate day to work with yellow/orange fabrics and to make a Queen Bee from special fabrics.

Did you already guess what I’m doing? I’m preparing the second block for the Rowdy Flat Library quilt, called The Beekeeper!

RFLQ blok 2 voorbereiden

I chose a different colour for the centre circle focus fabric. It’s from the same series but this time in off white. The petals will be yellow/orange/red.

RFLQ blok 2 voorbereiden 2

The leaves for the wreath.

RFLQ blok 2 voorbereidein 6

Freezer paper petals and 3/8″ hexagons for the honeycomb. Lots of small shapes again to be appliquéd! There will also be a lot of small bees and flowers (of course).

All in all a great day for some slow stitching!



from Bea to Hope

I only blinked once and a week is gone… During Christmas 2015 we had temperatures of about 14o C and today, on the 26th of April, it’s cold and snow has been fallen in the north-eastern part of Holland. Sometimes it snows in April is a song by Prince, who died last week. A coincidence?

I’m sure that if I hadn’t joined the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s club at my LQS I would have given up on this quilt. I have kind of fallen out of love with 1930’s prints. I still love some of them, but exactly those are almost used up!

I also made a mistake at the start of this quilt. I wanted to use some yellow in every block and I chose solids. I do like it when it’s subtle used, but the larger yellow pieces of fabric are just too much.

FW1930 11 Bea

A rather easy and straight forward paperpieced block.

FW1930 15 Blossom

No problems with this one either, though I accidentally used a red flower for one of the triangles instead of a blue solid. Photoshop came to the rescue, but I need to solve the problem and unpick half of the block…

FW1930 17 Bride

The Bride block was made yesterday, on my wedding anniversary day! That’s fun he?  Working with the text fabric made the block more difficult. I also regret using the two peach/orange coloured fabrics, as you can hardly see the difference.

FW1930 23 Charlotte

Charlotte was made before I even joined the club in September. I loved making it.

FW1930 35 Flora

Flora had to be mirrored, but I only found out when it was finished… It doesn’t matter as the blocks will all be set on point.

FW1930 43 Hope

Hope was pieced by hand, because of the Y seam. It worked like a charm!

FW1930 54 Magnolia

Magnolia, doens’t look like a magnolia, so a make-over is needed! I prepared the fabrics for a new block and will stitch it by hand during tonight’s club!

FW1930 60 Mary Gray

Mary Gray was an easy and fast block to make.

FW1930 66 Mrs Anderson

Mrs Anderson involved a lot of fabric cutting and pinning!

FW1930 88 Rosemary

The last block for April is Rosemary! The name Rosemary reminds me of an English TV series called Rosemary and Thyme in which Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris performed as gardening detectives. I loved watching the episodes! I also love how this block turned out, it’s the right example of using yellow in a minimum way!



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