when I’m sixty-four… a cynical observation


Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four…?

When I get older losing my hair
Many years from now
Will you still be sending me a valentine
Birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
If I’d been out till quarter to three
Would you lock the door?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I’m sixty-four?

The Beatles

Can’t help having this song in my head today. When I first heard it I was so much younger and thought: ho ho ho, that’s so far away!

I’ve turned 64 people! Today! Yikes! When the big 6 hit me four years ago I didn’t mind that much. But the big 7 is approaching so fast now! On the other hand, I just should be thankful for getting older, being healthy, not too grumpy and living a creative life, making rather stylish and trendy quilts (for someone my age) ;-)

Too many people we know passed away at much younger ages like friends and family members. But sometimes it scares the hell out of me. It feels so weird to become part of a group called elderly people. They say sixty is the new fifty, but I feel more like forty, so my body and mind don’t go together that well any more. Looking in the mirror has to be avoided at all times. shop windows are another no go area and I don’t come out of the fitting cubicles at clothes shops to show new outfits anymore. High heeled shoes belong to the past and my hair needs to be dyed. Natural grey doesn’t fit me. I have hearing aids and three different pair of glasses, one to read, one to craft and one to see everything in a blink. I will spare you the details about other appliances that I need to be able to function quite normally…

Ok, enough self-pity for now! Let’s celebrate!



365 17 - 31

Blocks 17 – 31 for the 365 Challenge Quilt Sampler. January is done! It is becoming more challenging to make these tiny 3″ blocks! Working with solids makes it even harder as they fray more than printed quilt fabrics.

365 1-2 notions

Some of my most used notions, a small cutting mat, an Olfa Rotary Cutter 28 mm and a 2,5″ bloc-a-loc ruler (a very welcome gift from a friend).

365 1-2 bloc-a-loc 1

Working on February’s first block.

365 1-2 bloc-a-loc

Using the ruler (sorry for the reflection) but I hope you get the idea. This HST needs to be cut back to 1″ ;-)

365 1-2 in actie

Working at my extra high ironing board, the iron and a thread catcher close by.

365 1-2 gesneden

All pieces are cut and

365 1-2 klaar

stitched into a block. Phew! I can tick off another one!

365 days challenge grid

It’s going to look a lot like a quilt isn’t it?




Farmer’s Wife #1

mosaic Farmers wife 1 36

36 blocks for the ‘other’ Farmer’s Wife Quilt, the one from the 1920’s. Still using Oakshotts and Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Still loving it.

The latest additions are:
FWQ 28 Duck and Ducklings

#28 Duck and Ducklings

FW I 32 Four X Star

#32 Farmer’s Daughter / Four X Star

FWQ27 Darting Birds

#27 Darting Birds

FWQ26 Cut Glass Dish

#26 Cut Glass Dish

FWQ24 Country Path right

#24 Country Patch Right

FWQ22 Corn and Beans

#22 Corn and Beans

FWQ23 Country Farm

#23 Country Farm

Today I will try to catch up making my blocks for the 365 Challenge quilt, which is a challenge for sure. More about that soon!

Wishing you a lovely last day of January and a great start of February!







come and meet the Farmer’s girls !

FW1930 61 May

May had a complicated character, she refused to be paperpieced. After some discussion she allowed me to get her into shape with some hand stitches.

FW1930 26 Daffodil

Daffodil was quite opinionated about which way her beautiful yellow calyx was supposed to be facing. After she discovered I have quite an opinion myself, she boiled down and now she looks in the direction I love best (and was most convenient for paper piecing as my printer can’t print mirrored images).

FW1930 34 Fern

Fern was fun to be around, as she immediately agreed with my fabric choices.

FW1930 36 Geneva

Geneva wasn’t the type of girl who wants to show off, she loves all tones of grey and retro prints.

FW1930 39 Grandma

Grandma wasn’t one to dress in black. She still feels and looks very young and picked a retro print.

FW1930 44 Iris

Do I need to say anything about Iris? She’s one of those generous girls you would like to be friends with!

FW1930 46 Jewel

Jewel did her name justice, she’s was easy-going and happy and loves daisies.

FW1930 55 Malvina

Malvina is a Gaelic name and means Smooth Brown? But my Malvina didn’t like brown, so she chose a happy flower fabric and a dark blue solid.

In a month’ time I will be able to introduce the next 10 Farmer’s girls to you. I’m curious to find out about their characters!




Blue Monday

365 1-16

The first 16 blocks of the 365 Challenge quilt, pinned on a canvas. They look a bit wonky and wobbly, but in real they are all looking fine and are all 3,5″ unfinished. As you can see in the photo below, these blocks will be placed in a border, which is made of darker blue colours in the original quilt. As I told before, I want to make this border using the cool colours from the colour wheel. The center of the (medallion) quilt will be made in warm colours.

365 days challenge grid

There are 96 little blocks in the border, so we will be working on these tiny little devils untill April 5th. Then we will probably start making the center.

I don’t make a block each day. Last week I’ve made 11 blocks in a few hours. Having fabric strips cut and ready to be sewn works miracles!

As I don’t want to bomb you with the progress of this quilt too often, I will be back with an update when the first 31 little blocks are done!




Wednesday stats

Antique Sampler at Lieslies

You may recall that I unpicked all the quilting in the ditches of my Antique Sampler quilt, because I didn’t like the woolen batting and the colour of the backing fabric? I picked a different fabric for the backing and took everything to Leslie of NorthSea Quilters. Here it is laying on the Gammill longarm quilting machine. As I intend to add some hand quilted stitches in the blocks, we decided that it will be quilted in the ditches and basted in the borders.

GTSB top at Lieslies

The other quilt I took to Leslie, is the Green Tea and Sweet (chocolate) Beans. We both think this quilt deserves some custom quilting. The orange backing fabric is a straight forward 1930’s one. Longarm quilters love it when there aren’t too many seams in backings, especially when the top is already a scrappy mess ;-)

A light grey Aurifil thread will blend nicely with all the fabrics in the top and the backing. As Leslie has quite a line-up of quilts waiting to be quilted, it will take some time before I see my Green Tea again. I definitely have something to look forward to and with all the projects I’m working on, I won’t be easily bored!




Q1 Finish-A-Long 2016


I decided to take part in the Finish-A-Long of 2016. This year the FAL is going global with hosts from all over the world joining together. I’ve linked up my list over at Cindy’s Fluffy Sheep quilting, but the links appear on all hosts’ blogs.

Purrfectly pieced stapel blokken

  1. Purrfectly Pieced miniquilt

Schermafbeelding 2015-12-31 om 17.38.46

I haven’t shared anything about this small quilt yet, called ‘Purrfectly Pieced’ by Bonnie Sullivan, size: 33″ x 37″ and made of Woolies Flannel.

You might be surprised to find a small quilt like this on my blog, but I fell for the softness of the Woolies flannel and… of course… the cats! As you can see, I’m working with slightly different colours than in the original quilt. I changed the green for teal and the red/orange for purple and my background fabric is a creme herringbone. Besides the piecing there’s a lot of machine appliqué involved. I have two more blocks to go and then the small quilt can be assembled, basted and quilted.

Lollypop quilting 4

2. The second one on the list is the Lollypop Tree quilt. Long time no seen! Finishing this quilt is also my second goal in the UFO club at my LQS, so a double chance to succeed, right?

HST leftovers flying Geese MATO

3. Half Square Triangle Dance. Made of leftover pieces of the flying geese blocks for my Midnight at the Oasis quilt. I’m pondering on what to use it for, a pillow cover, a miniquilt, a quilt-block book…?

feather opillow sandwich

4. Liberty Feather pillow cover (pattern contour feather) I started this pillow cover for the X Factor pillow cover swap, but didn’t make the deadline, due to machine quilting issues.

Butterfly Aylin testkopie

5. Papilio. This Butterfly block wants to become something useful, not sure what yet…!

Palatino miniquilt

6. Palatina pillow cover. Made of (Lipari) Oakshotts. I’m about halfway with the machine appliqué.

Shot cotton alphabet mini

shot cotton alphabet mini 2

7. (Lipari) Oakshott Alphabet miniquilt. I’m working on a phrase from one of my favourite songs. I want to keep it kind of secret… I still need to work on some words and then assemble the top.

Wish me luck!




365 quilt challenge – the ultimate sampler

A few weeks ago I followed a link on facebook, which brought me to Kathryn Kerr’s (the designer of the quilt) words:


Make a quilt block every day for a year.  I’ll present a new quilt block, every day, for 365 days. Your challenge:  To complete the blocks every day, and build a stunning 90″ square sampler quilt!’

Wow, that’s a huge quilt and lots of blocks. I wondered if it was wise to read further…

‘All the blocks will be rotary cut and machine pieced, using quick-piecing techniques.  Most blocks will be either 3″ or 6″, but we are making a few in larger sizes, too. The project is suitable for beginners, and becomes progressively more complicated.’

Hmmm, there’s that nagging little voice that convinces me I don’t need to make all the blocks and the quilt doesn’t need to become 90″ square.


Here’s the general layout of the quilt, my design drawing from EQ, so you know what you’re in for …’

365 Challenge

Hmmm, do I like this?


Maybe it will look great in different colours? I can always try to make some blocks and decide later?

When my LQS organized a ‘365 Challenge Quilt Open House’ to give lots of information about making this quilt I jumped on the bandwagon. There are several of those meetings this week and I attended the first one, this morning. It’s always lovely to see other peoples choices in fabrics and techniques.

365 verjaardagsblok 250 dpi

I started by making a 6″ bonus block, called Birthday block. I chose watery colours, as my sign is Aquarius.

365 eerste blokken 2

The first 7 blocks for the first dark border in the quilt. As you can see I chose solids in cool tones for this border, but have thrown in some lighter ones as well.

We will be working on the first dark border from January through March (which means 96 3″ blocks) and then we will probably make the center block. My goal is to make the dark border and the centre and then review the whole project.

I thought you would like to know about this quilt-a-long, in case you are in need of another quilt project ;-)


Village Life Quilt

Village Life Quilt

For the January/February 2016 quilt for the Comfort Circle of the do. Good Stitches Bee, I was inspired by a (free) pattern from Cloud9 Fabrics, called Village Life Quilt.

The houses are very simple to make, it’s a square, a flying geese block and a rectangle. I made some adjustments in the block sizes though.

What I have in mind is a colourful quilt fabric for the house (the large square), a solid colour (Kona or Moda Bella) for the roof (the flying geese) and any kind of quilters cotton in white, for the background.

After the Boyish Destination Moon quilt, I want to make this one for a girl, so I hope you can find some cheerful quilt fabrics for the houses.

Comfort Circle houses 1

To make one block you need to cut:

one 6,5″ square from the print fabric for the house; one 6,5″ x 3,5″ coloured solid (or fabric that reads as a solid) rectangle for the roof (flying geese block); two 3,5″ squares from the white solid background (also for the flying geese block) and one 6,5″ x 3,5″ rectangle from the same white solid background fabric.

The unfinished block size is 12,5 x 6,5″.

Comfort Circle Houses 2

Make a Flying Geese block of the coloured solid rectangle and the two white background squares. I’m sure you know how to do that!

Comfort Circle houses 3

Stitch the flying geese to the house square. Then stitch the white rectangle on top of the roof and your first house block is finished! Easy, right?

Comfort Circle houses 4

And another one.

Comfort house 1  Comfort House 2

I would love if you could make (at least) two blocks. If you would like to make more, please, be my guest. I’m not sure on the lay-out yet, so I can use more blocks!

If you have any questions, please let me know!




Happy New Year!

GTSB quilt top finished 6

On the last day of 2015, Mr DC was so kind to help me take some pictures of the completed quilt top of the Green Tea and Sweet (chocolate) Beans quilt!

GTSB quilt top finished 7

Winter is gradually changing from Spring-like weather into colder, sunny, but also windy days.

GTSB quilt top finished 8

Although Mr DC is quite tall (6 foot 4) and his arms are quite long, he didn’t manage to hold the quilt top for very long.

GTSB quilt top finished 5

As you can see I changed the border. Instead of the appliquéd garland I made the flowers pop out of the centre of the quilt.

I’m really happy with the result! A great finish to end one year and start a new one.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and creative 2016!





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