On Thimbleannas blog I read about Camille from Simplify and Carrie from LavieenRosie who are hosting a quilt show called My First Quilt.

So why not show you my first finished one. It’s a babyquilt made in 2006 for the youngest girl of one of my nieces.

quilt juultje3

As the parents of the new to be born baby didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl, the quilt needed to be suitable for both. So there’s jeans in it and lot of red and blue gingham and stripes and white embroidered fabrics for the soft touches and some red stars. I made any thinkable mistake while making this quilt. I learned a lot though!

quilt juultje2

When looking through my iphoto album the photos made me smile. All the sewing and unpicking and stitching in de ditches came back to mind. I did not make a label for the quilt as I was new to quilting and had no idea. However, this quilt made me want to make more, many more!


Speaking of stars… coincidence or not…? My last finished quilt is full of star(blocks)! It’s in my last post, but here’s another picture!