Spinning Stars quilt blocks

I’m catching up with making photo’s and uploading them to flickr, writing blog posts etc. My new Mac is a miracle worker.

The mosaic shows the first 7 blocks for the Curious Spinning Star quilt for Mr DC that I made during the past few months. Sometimes my blog friends and visitors think I’m a miracle worker too, but believe me, I steadily work on a number of projects at the same time and I didn’t make those 7 blocks in a day. Oh no!

I love the Curious Nature / Parson Gray fabrics by David Butler, because this line of fabrics is really manly. My husband was surprised to see the quilt blocks. He remembered me asking him if he liked the fabrics, when I showed them on my old computer screen, but he had not seen them yet in all their real beauty and he’s in love with the quilt-to-be!

I’ve been doubting the quality of my photo’s over and over again to realize now that it wasn’t the camera, but the old computer screen that made them blurry and strangely coloured.

Wishing you all a happy and wonderful weekend, see you next week!