camelot block

Camelot block #12 is finished. With one more block to go I can start thinking about how to put the top together and how to quilt it. Everything so far has been hand pieced so I would like to quilt the blocks by hand. Maybe I’ll put 4 x 4 blocks together and use a Quilt-As-You-Go method. When I quilt one block at a time I can’t use my hoop, but I’m not good at quilting in a hoop anyway, so dilemma’s friends, dilemma’s!

fabrics for BLUE 2

A new selection of fabrics and threads for the BLUE quilt. Yesterday wasn‘t spent idle, I’m glad to say my Blue quilt is almost finished!

Today my head feels like there is more snow on the way. Do you ever have a headache when it will be snowing? I’m looking forward to next week’s higher temperatures.

That’s all for now! Last week was mostly about learning how to use the new computer software, having a lot of telephone conversations with my new internet provider and asking for help from my system analyst. He installed TeamViewer QuickSupport on my Mac and it’s so crazy to watch someone else moving the cursor on your screen and clicking in your documents and programmes!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday, with the reveal of the BLUE quilt!