I had so much inspiration for the Blue theme, that it was difficult to choose one subject. I started with the idea of making a Blue Jeans Boro quilt. I was so intrigued by pieces I had seen on the Internet, but it didn’t work for me in the 16″ x 16″ size.

Another idea was to make a Flower Power Blue Jeans, a quilt from denim covered with blue appliqued flowers. I remember I had a Blue Jeans in the seventies with flowers all over it.

Blue Nightfall fase 6a

it’s a blue nightfall, now I weep, mixed media – 16″ square

Blue Nightfall is the name of CD and a song by Jimmy Lafave and the inspiration for my final BLUE piece. When I listen to this song, it gives me the blues.

The quilt is made of hand dyed fabrics, pieces of batik, angel wire (that’s what it says on the package), gilding flakes, fabric paint and some hand dyed threads for the hand stitching. It’s machine quilted in straight lines.

I took some pictures of the process:

Blue Nightfall ontwerpfase

Working on the first lay-out.

Blue Nightfall fase 1

All pieces I intend to use are pinned to a piece of batting.

Blue Nightfall fase 2

The background pieces are stitched together and quilted with straight lines with the batting and backing attached.

Blue Nightfall fase 3

The first layer of the collage pieces is added with raw edge appliqué

Blue Nightfall fase 4

And the second layer is attached, as well as the gilding flakes, the angels wire and some paint. This was supposed to be the final step before putting a binding on, but looking at the moon I felt it was placed too much to the middle of the quilt.

Blue Nightfall fase 5

So I pinned the right side of the quilt to the back and an optional piece of fabric was auditioned to the left. I loved this better, it looked more balanced. I removed the right dark strip and added a new piece to the left, quilted this part and finished the quilt with a non mitred binding and some hand stitching.

Blue Nightfall fase 6a

Et Voilà!

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